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Yes to the obliques.

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Experiences, On Geek
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I was right, they are definitively getting there.  I’m happy.  Be warned, this is yet another rambling entry.

I’ve come up with an idea for calming myself down.  I’ve started doing the cliche-but-effective process of taking five deep breaths before I get myself too worked up.  Also, when I’m listening to the kind of music I grew up to, IE punk, I drive fast, drink way too much redbull and smoke way too many cigarettes.  I think if I keep only my most mellow music on my ipod, I may be able to keep my BP and heart rate down.

I signed my health contract to quit smoking and it’s driving me batshit.  I took 4 hours to write this, because I forgot about it.  I hate fast food.  That is all. ❤



Saw an old friend tonight.  It’s funny how you can talk to someone you haven’t really hung out with regularly for half a decade and yet tell them deeper things then you tell the best buddy you see everyday.  I appreciated the time spent with that person.  It wasn’t just me spilling my guts on the dashboard for dual analysis, but her as well.  It’s interesting how presenting those kinds of things in front of those who once meant much but now mean comparatively little can help you get it out.  Punched the dashboard.  Threw my keys.  Hit the steering wheel.  I never show frustration like that anymore.  It was a poor lapse in composure, but I don’t think she minded as much.  I just hope I didn’t spook her.

Upped the weights I use on “Sculpt” days from 10lb to 15lb.  It’s not much of an improvement compared to all the other guys who played sports in high school, but it’s an improvement none-the-less.  I keep getting the feeling my chest is growing from the inside, as if a constant reverberation is  slowly excreting muscles to widen my pectoral muscles and shoulders.  The work-outs get me high and I love it.

It’s possibly the best part of my day when I strip off my sweat soaked clothes and step into the hot jet of the shower.  At that point I have nothing to do, nowhere to go, and only aching muscles to bother me.  I admire my body’s improvements in the steamy haze like a narcissist.  I get to know the particulars of each pain, and lay out what little more I have to do.  I just wish I could sleep right.  Each