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First of all, I got my first blog read today.  Woo!  It was probably one of my best friends, (I’ll refer to her as Succubus on here for safety’s sake) but it’s a read none the less.

I just got out of a Criminal Law Class, and dropped in on a conversation between two of my classmates.  One is a good friend of mine, 28 years old with a son.  The other is a guy in his (40’s?) who was a cop in North Carolina and is taking courses to get into a different agency up here.  They were unanimous in the way that neither of them really know what to do with an Associates in Criminal Justice.

Like I said before, my advisor advised that I GTFO of criminal justice and change majors once I reached a four year school.  For the same reason:  No.  Jobs.  It’s kind of disheartening I think.  We chatted back and forth about the people we know in our small town outside of FLCC’s Main Campus and how we got to the area.  We’re brought together to seek higher education as we’ve been instructed to do… but for what reason?  I chose criminal justice because I thought it was broader than the Communications major I was pursuing.  The whole subject of law is fascinating.  International Studies will hopefully boldly present me as an educated translator some years from now, but that’s a niche that I got into by pure chance.  I like languages and pick up on them easily.  But who else really has that many practical, marketable and unique abilities?

General labor jobs pay so low that people are taking three on at a time in some cases just to get by.  When they can find them, that is.  From what I’ve seen and heard degrees mean very little in the real world.  Evident by the guy with a Master’s degree taking the civil service exam for local PD.  It’s scary as hell to think about.  Congress doesn’t really seem to give a damn… and the concept of job creation is ridiculous.  Let me establish I am neither left nor right in the political scheme of things, but unemployment rates have gone up since Obama took office if this site is to be believed.


Someone explain to me the popular opinion that this is Bush’s fault? Complain all you want, call me a nazi or whatever because I’m contradicting the general consensus amongst my peers… but I’m honestly asking how that’s supposed to fly.  And am I really supposed to believe that there are jobs just waiting for me once I have a piece of paper with a stamp on it at the end of next year?  Forget about me… what about the five out of eight people who have children and are taking that Criminal Law class with me?  How can they provide for two or three or five with no jobs available to those of us who work, and less available to those of us who are “certified.”

Point I’m trying to make is, the real world scares the shit out of me.  And the next few years are going to be a struggle for all of us that only gets harder.