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Got up, worked out, showered, went to work, went and blew 600 on books, drove to school, studied, 3 hour health class, picked up pizza, got home.

What a kick.  I’m exausted.  Thinking I might have to increase weight for my workout however… for good.  Only going up.  10 to 15 lbs I think.  Livescribe pen worked wonders for recording my lecture and the corresponding notes.  Can’t help but feel like days are going to rush by this semester however. I’m drained.  Maybe that will change when my parents are around to… parent the siblings.

Can’t wait to go south. Or south west.  I need to get out of here. Until then, this Health class might actually help me quit smoking, and I have an Associates to get and bills to pay off.

A means to an end.  God be with me.


Worked out, showered, and listening to the stones.  I hit my target 30,000 words last night, but the 35,000 this evening concerns me.  Listened to the old man tell me a story about one of his classmates during dinner.  He handed me a wad of 20’s for when he and my mother are off to Puerto Rico for a week long vacation.  He says he wants receipts for all purchases made, and I guess I understand that given my previous irresponsibility with money.

What he doesn’t know is that I paid my car insurance until April today.  In another 2 weeks I’ll have my last credit card paid off and then it’s only two more major bills and a total of 3,200 dollars to take care of.  The insurance was a relief though.  It means I won’t be hit for close to one hundred dollars every month.

Money.  It’s a bitch, and the root of all evil, but I guess some evils become necessary.  I need someone to give me advice regarding that as well.  20sb this means you.  =]

As I think I’ve mentioned before, my new class schedule will make it so I can’t work 2 days I usually do.

Should I kick the intruding Biology class to the side for a little while and take another night class?

Or should I just get this damn science credit out of the way?

Post your opinion below if you would.  ❤ Geek