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Keep in mind I am working under the presumption that this kid, Michael A. Pilato is guilty. He had not been proven so in a court of law.

Yesterday, a fifteen year old boy was arraigned for the arson of his home, and the deaths of his adoptive father, and two younger brothers.  The headline read “Teen charged in deadly fire”.  The picture of Pilato was one bearing a defiant sneer as he was lead away in handcuffs.  Here is a link to the article

Today, I go in to work to find the most perplexing headline the Democrat and Chronicle of Rochester NY could have possibly conceived.  The picture of Michael THIS TIME was one of a boy on the verge of tears.  The headline itself read something along the lines of “Teen lead troubled life”.

According to the article, which you can read here:

The article says the child was verbally and physically abused by his adoptive father.  “The verbal abuse consisted of constant yelling and the physical abuse amounted to smacks with his hands”

Having been a fifteen year old boy myself, I know that you get angry sometimes.  You feel like yer old man is out to get you.  That and every jerk who says something negative in school.  Holden Caulfields of the world freaking unite.  Your hormones are all over the place and you notice things you never had before.  My father occasionally smacked me across the mouth when I was being an angsty cry-baby.  Shouting matches found their way into it too on occasion.  This amounts to something called discipline.

A troubled life?  A guy who goes overseas and loses a leg to an IED is in for a troubled life.  A single mother with two minimum wage jobs and a kid to raise on her own is in for a troubled life.  A kid who was filled with TYPICAL TEENAGE ANGST is not justified in murder by a “troubled life”.

The Democrat and Chronicle posting such dribble as if to illicit sympathy from the public is irritating. Freedom of the press comes with freedom to question the bullshit that makes the front page.

Try him as an adult.  Look at it through the eyes of the law, not the emotional position of a bleeding heart child.