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Okay, so leaving town before I get my degree would be foolish.  So I’ve decided I’ll leave NYS after Christmas of 2012.  I’ll be fit, educated and published and I can start a life wherever I want.  So far I’ve found interesting locations in Louisiana, California, Colorado, and North Carolina.  Save for Colorado, the common theme is south and on the coast.

I want to be able to appreciate the vastness of the ocean and the warm climate.  It should be fun.  Around here, I feel replaceable.  As if everyone will tell me what my next move is, and then get mad if I try to change that path without consulting them first.  It’s stupid!  If I have no legacy, I will be able to make my own. At least wherever it is I run off to.

Workout missed yesterday, got an N64 and Rogue Squadron.  Freakin’ Tie Fighters didn’t know what hit them.  Classic gaming, but it just means I’ll have to pick up another day tomorrow, then it’s class time on Monday.  Can I get another 4.0?  =]


Biting off more than I can chew?

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Alright.  Went behind the back of my adviser and jumped myself from 16 credits to 18.  I also ditched Bio so that I can still work full time.  Replaced with anthropology and public speaking.  I’m not good at speaking to crowds, so I think that latter class will be the most useful.

I don’t have much to say tonight.  I’ve exhausted myself from being lonely and overdoing it maybe.  A good friend of mine made an accurate  statement when she said “I would suggest taking it easy, but my guess is that would be to no avail.”  I can’t stop.  I tried taking my evening off and shooting things on the computer but that didn’t even work.  My eyes burn and I can’t hardly focus on the page in front of me.  Am I emotionally burned out or just physically?   I don’t know.  I shouldn’t have even bothered saying anything.

They strike while the iron’s hot.  If the whole population isn’t completely plugged into the net, there’s still time to prevent negative influences (Such as, you know, the truth) from affecting the entire US.  You’ll express an opinion, be put on a federal list of potential terrorists and be your site will be shut off by the government.

If SOPA passes, we’ll all be doomed to further censorship.  I’m sorry, but I don’t like the idea of having a Chinese system of restrictions on my thoughts, learning and opinions.  Call your officials, fight back.  And if it passes, may those boys and girls at Anonymous crash the entire damn network around their ears.


Say no to SOPA.

Worked out, showered, and listening to the stones.  I hit my target 30,000 words last night, but the 35,000 this evening concerns me.  Listened to the old man tell me a story about one of his classmates during dinner.  He handed me a wad of 20’s for when he and my mother are off to Puerto Rico for a week long vacation.  He says he wants receipts for all purchases made, and I guess I understand that given my previous irresponsibility with money.

What he doesn’t know is that I paid my car insurance until April today.  In another 2 weeks I’ll have my last credit card paid off and then it’s only two more major bills and a total of 3,200 dollars to take care of.  The insurance was a relief though.  It means I won’t be hit for close to one hundred dollars every month.

Money.  It’s a bitch, and the root of all evil, but I guess some evils become necessary.  I need someone to give me advice regarding that as well.  20sb this means you.  =]

As I think I’ve mentioned before, my new class schedule will make it so I can’t work 2 days I usually do.

Should I kick the intruding Biology class to the side for a little while and take another night class?

Or should I just get this damn science credit out of the way?

Post your opinion below if you would.  ❤ Geek

I’m pleased to see people flipped over to “Geek Loves You Madly” over the weekend, and rather disappointed in myself for not giving them any content.  I didn’t write any blog entries this weekend, except maybe on Saturday or Friday night, because I was not motivated to do so.  Rather ironic when you think about the fact that this blog is supposed to be used to motivate me.

I wrote nothing in Frosty-A-Go-Go.  I’m probably going to use the rest of this post to yell at myself.  Is that disassociation?  I haven’t a clue.  I aimed for 40,000 words by Sunday and I’m currently at… 27,500.  Lame.

It’s not for lack of trying. I sit down to write and stare at that blank next page and get distracted.  Just lame. Then I get distracted by some game, or balancing finances.  I’m not going at the rate I was.

I think it was the disappointment of Friday.  I was really looking forward to seeing everyone (and if you told me three months ago I’d be disappointed to miss a trip to B-lo, I’d have told you you were out of your goddamn mind). But that’s no excuse really.  I’m trying to get out of where I am right now in life.  School starts again a week from today, alongside a work schedule that will limit my free time considerably. So here’s the plan kiddies.

30,000 by tonight.

35,000 Teusday

40,000 Wednesday

45,000 Thursday

50,000 Friday

Saturday off/limited contribution

60,000 by Sunday.

Hold me to it, ye unsympathetic bastards of yore.


That’s how my mind works though. If I hadn’t rambled there, I would have never made that plan.  Thanks wordpress/occasional readers.

Didn’t get to go to Blo last night.  The snow came in and destroyed the roads.  I’m told they’re supposed to clear up by Sunday, but I have my doubts.  Drove the mile to work and back yesterday at 10mph, blinkers on, and the guys behind me could pass if they wanted.  But I wasn’t about to speed up for any tailgaters.

I was incredibly disappointed.  I’d got up at 6am to get my workout out of the way, I was packed and I had to cancel all my plans.  I had dinner plans, a party, and coffee with a new friend.  But then people wanted to tell me how I was more excited to see one group rather than the other.  I can’t just miss my friends and the concerned party.

How can you move on and be a better person when others won’t forget the past?  Or at least try to accept what you’re trying to do.  It’s not fair.  And then people don’t get why you want to go somewhere else or just go to sleep instead of talking to them.

If you know a guy who might be trying to turn over a new leaf, give him a chance for God’s sake.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m totally fine with watching flurries out of my window.  I like me a good old fashioned White Christmas.  I think that this winter has been way too dry and way too dark.  But I am nervous as hell driving in the snow.  Particularly in storms.

Why is this?  Part of the reason is my tires are bald as fuck.  I could always take another vehicle, but I won’t.  Icy roads. It’s the icy roads dammit.  New York State is effing horrible when it comes to maintaining roads.  The thruways are miserably slick and people get their asshole liscenses out so that they can fly at 80 mph during a fucking blizzard.

This is more a ramble than anything else.  I’m being bitched at and  I have 5000 words to write in 1:45 min.  Maybe I’m taking this too hard.  I hope you guys get a Friday the 13th post from me!  G’night.