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So tonight I actually went out and socialized.  After a nine hour shift and the final completion of my first week of Power 90 (woo!), I showered, got dressed and went to see a friend’s boyfriend play a show out in Naples.  Hippy texted me so I invited him along.  We made the drive out and I was on the streets of a small town surrounded by mountains and littered with bars.  The temperature was 26 degrees and dropping, yet no snow seemed to stay on the ground.


It was an interesting experience.  Hippy and I both walked down the street to the Orange Inn because we heard they had a pool table.  The place was spotted with regulars.  It’s a relatively country place, but there were no complaints when I played “Stray Cat Strut” or when Hippy played “Jump Around” on the juke.  Neither me nor my friend are too good at pool, but we have fun playing each other, complimenting calls accomplished, and cursing profusely when the occasion calls for it.  It does so often.

The show itself was two guys on acoustic guitars.  They played well, but it wasn’t my cup of tea.  I knew some of the crowd.  A fair sprinkling of college kids, but mostly adults.  I knew a lot of them from passing interaction throughout my few adventures.

I really tried to avoid judging anyone.  I guess I’m a snob, but maybe I’m just agoraphobic.  Crowds unnerve me slightly.  Hippy and I kept close by each other and exchanged pleasantries and shook hands.  I guess it wasn’t a bad evening.  We talked about God, and the IRA, and Al Quieda.  We talked about love lost and lonely days.  We went through our phones and figured out we might have only each other in this cold lake land town.  Our friends have scattered to the four winds.  I wonder if we’ll join them together, or as two separate roaming vagabonds heading south on different paths.