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So I should have gotten much more done today, instead I got out of work, worked out, showered and played Dead Space.  Dead space is a third person shooter/survival horror game that came out in ’08.  Scifi Zombies in space that you have to fucking dismember to stop.  And yes, as a difficult of a concept as it is, The Geek occasionally games.  I have a tenancy to get sucked into a good story however, so I try to keep them at arms length.

It’s like being high or drunk out of my mind for a day.  I’ve tried it, and it ends with me feeling like I am just another person.  No potential for anything when yer staring at a screen all day.  Regardless… You gotta relax sometime?  But I should have been relaxing with a book or my book.  A little mindless violence never hurt any- waitaminute… nevermind.

Gotta say, Miss Jorah Day is the first person who gave enough of a damn to leave some feedback!  I greatly appreciate that, especially the “noir” comment.  I’ve always loved that type of narration/film style.  Jorah speaks with a kind of Brazen honesty that is refreshing.  Yeah, there are plenty of blogs out there with useful information and steady subjects.  Some of us just need to vent however.  We have to get our thoughts out in text when we can’t really say anything.

Check out her site.  =]