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Please don’t get me wrong, I’m totally fine with watching flurries out of my window.  I like me a good old fashioned White Christmas.  I think that this winter has been way too dry and way too dark.  But I am nervous as hell driving in the snow.  Particularly in storms.

Why is this?  Part of the reason is my tires are bald as fuck.  I could always take another vehicle, but I won’t.  Icy roads. It’s the icy roads dammit.  New York State is effing horrible when it comes to maintaining roads.  The thruways are miserably slick and people get their asshole liscenses out so that they can fly at 80 mph during a fucking blizzard.

This is more a ramble than anything else.  I’m being bitched at and  I have 5000 words to write in 1:45 min.  Maybe I’m taking this too hard.  I hope you guys get a Friday the 13th post from me!  G’night.


Well my other ear blew out during the witching hour last night.  I literally flew up chest first with a gasp, woken up by the pain.  I staggered to the bathroom and then downstairs to take an unholy amount of painkillers and a glass of water.  Something odd happened.  All three cats in the house followed me downstairs in a straight line, and then meowed together to be let outside.  I opened the door and they proceeded without the least bit of their usual hesitation.  Probably means nothing, but it was still weird as hell.

I got 4o00 words added to Frosty-A-Go-Go last night.  I was on a chaotic streak that only stopped when the clock hit 10 and I knew that I had to get up to work this 11 hour shift today.  That being over and done with, I am dog tired, in need of meds, and watching Cowboys and Aliens of all things.  I’m not sure if my IQ is dropping because of this, but it certainly may be.

Too damn tired to think straight.  Short entry.  20,000 words total in the manuscript by tomorrow night.  =]

I’ve had space tales running through my head a lot lately.  I’m not big on Sci Fi so much but when I was a kid Aliens with Sigourny (sp) Weaver.  The whole series was awe inspiring to me.  Unlike the Predator in the corresponding series of films, the xenomorphs of the Aliens films were merciless monsters with a pretty set pattern of activity.  This would be “Kill, Reproduce, Kill, Reproduce”  What could be more terrifying than nature with claws and nasty pointy teeth?



But what’s so interesting about nature being so vicious it’s in an unnatural setting.  We as humans cannot breath in the vacuum of space.  We weren’t meant to wander free, and to think that there could be creatures dominant there with such vicious intent is terrifying.

The worst concept is of a spaceship with something else on board.  There’s nowhere you can run, there’s a limited amount of supplies and if something gets broken that deals with life support, with keeping you from dying than you either go through the danger to fix it or you die.  It’s the futuristic panic version of between a rock and a hard place.  Might make for a good story some day.