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Alright!  Little more awake!  Maybe that’s because I slept a little over eight hours with limited interruption and worked out first thing.  I got the dishes done and cleaned up at least the kitchen.  No point in trying the living room, the youngins are positively entrenched.  Oh they’ll all scramble when Mommy and Daddy are inbound, but for now they dgaf.

It’s a headache, but for now I’m not letting it bother me.  I’m going to go out onto the balcony and smoke a cigarette, then come back in and write up a storm.  Haven’t kept to those goals I posted earlier, but I’m close I suppose.

Now stop thinking and enjoy the Stray Cats.



An interesting topic I think.  Two blog views later, so I don’t think I’ll be offending too many people.  I graduated back in ’09, and since then it seems like everyone in pursuit of a relationship has either had a kid or is engaged at a ridiculously young age.  (Preferable to a member of the armed forces).

The two women I know personally who have young daughters are not bad parents.  I know at least one of the pregnancies were not plan, and have a sneaking suspicion the other one wasn’t either.  The fact is, they decided to keep the children rather than abort them.  And they’ve taken excellent care of their children… better than some people who plan their kids.

The graph above shows a recent decline in abortion rates since 1985.  Something that actually surprises me.  There could be one of two possible explanations that immediately spring to mind.

1.  The combined efforts of pro-lifers and pro-choicers with stricter laws on abortion and more sex education/ availability of contraception have helped potential young mothers be more responsible.

2. The typical expectancy of Generation Me.  We think we are more than capable of handling the responsibility of a child, and we will fall back on social institutions to support us if that is not evident.

These women handle their children better than most others I’ve seen, like I said.  But everyday is a struggle.  There still seems to be a failure to acknowledge it’s not all about you.  They love their children to death, but aren’t really legitimately trying to make the traditional “family”.  There is no “get a job to support the family and stay together”.  Many seek alternative routes to help them financially such as dealing narcotics or relying on family completely.

Not to say that the guys are any more responsible.  I know a guy who is three years older than me and has FOUR CHILDREN.  By two separate women.  You think he’d learn to keep it in his pants.  The baby-daddy of one of the women I know has another kid and never sees either one.  People of Generation Me:  Let’s try and not have kids unless we can not just support them, but are ready to SACRIFICE EVERYTHING FOR THEM.

Please note I have no children of my own and this is a creditless outsider’s opinion.