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Just got back from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo up at the local cinema.  I own the Swedish versions of the film and adored the way they were shot immensely.  Of course the only way to get the full force of The Millennium Trilogy is to read the damn books.

I picked up the The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo this summer while I was taking a brief vacation in the Adirondacks.  I’m not usually paying the most attention to what’s on the best sellers lists however this title kept popping up in the oddest places.  I think what interested me the most when reading the back cover was mention of a “Tattooed Punk Prodigy”.

Having been a punk kid myself in High School, I was skeptical as to their literary depiction.  How wrong I was.  Larsson nailed the appropriate mentality of someone who acts as they should.  Little regard for rules, high regard for personal beliefs.

Lisbeth Salander as a character in film or literature is enchanting beyond all stretches of the imagination.  I’m so damn exhausted from getting screamed at I can’t really elaborate too well.  She’s vicious.  She takes matters into her own hands and she does so with a kind of unintentional flare and practicality that makes me wish I could be as strong despite laws and regulations that I adhere to with quiet complacency.

Read the books.  God love Salander.