A rather lax Saturday.

Posted: January 28, 2012 in On Geek, Work out
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Finished week seven of Power 90.  Feeling good, but I’d like to eradicate all body fat, or at least the majority.  My face and legs need to lose it before my abs and arms will however.

I’m watching Apollo 18, a horror flick I missed in theaters due to time constraints and generally “meh” reviews.  Last night I was actually able to stay up until 3am playing Resident Evil 5 and chatting with people.  I’m ashamed to say that my fitness goal is to look like my fictional hero, Chris Redfield.  He’s the go to guy for the fictional BSAA, and he’s built… as Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw put it… like a refrigerator with a chia pet on top of it. Picture below, more work to follow hopefully writing to follow.


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