My anxiety regarding snow storms.

Posted: January 12, 2012 in On Geek, Scary Scary
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Please don’t get me wrong, I’m totally fine with watching flurries out of my window.  I like me a good old fashioned White Christmas.  I think that this winter has been way too dry and way too dark.  But I am nervous as hell driving in the snow.  Particularly in storms.

Why is this?  Part of the reason is my tires are bald as fuck.  I could always take another vehicle, but I won’t.  Icy roads. It’s the icy roads dammit.  New York State is effing horrible when it comes to maintaining roads.  The thruways are miserably slick and people get their asshole liscenses out so that they can fly at 80 mph during a fucking blizzard.

This is more a ramble than anything else.  I’m being bitched at and  I have 5000 words to write in 1:45 min.  Maybe I’m taking this too hard.  I hope you guys get a Friday the 13th post from me!  G’night.


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