Honky Tonk Women Give Me The Honky Tonk Blues!

Posted: January 10, 2012 in Experiences, On Geek
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This post will consist of mostly gibberish, as I just got back into the swing of my workout and fucking a is Sculpt 3-4 more intesnse!  But it’s the good kind of kick in the ass!  I’m acting like a freaking crack head and I’ll crash hard but that don’t matter!  I got 3,000 more words to write on my manuscript!

I always felt like Larry Underwood.   “You ain’t no nice guy, Larry!”  rings through his head the whole fucking duration of The Stand.  And he tries.  He fucking tries and it doesn’t seem to help him.  But he gets it in the end.

I’m nearing the end of being Larry Underwood.  I’m a good guy.  I’m the fucking hired gun on the side of the angels.  Hubris?  Maybe.  But I’m quiet, no matter how good I feel.  One day I’ll marry a woman who lets me know I’m a good guy even when I feel like the devil himself.

I just jumped from The Stones to Lily Fucking Allen.  What the fuck?!



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