20,000 words.

Posted: January 8, 2012 in Frosty-A-Go-Go, Writing
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Did it.  6,000 words in a weekend.  40,000 by this time next week.  It was a good evening.  On my third redbull and type type typing away.  Friday the 13th there’s a party in Blo and I can’t wait.  Don’t know who I’ll run into, but I’ll love them all.

A lot of the characters in this book are based off of people I know.  It’s nice to put them on paper.  Their little quirks and their little motions are easily construed to introduce them to readers who’ll likely never meet them.  I got through the end of a party, a heavy action scene and now the hit after hit of the book going from one lead to another to another.

Writing a-la-go-go.  I wish someone were here to watch this damn movie with me.


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