Writers in the Storm.

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Frosty-A-Go-Go, Writing
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Well that title was misleading.  It’s 55 degrees outside and the snow has totally melted outside.  It would be nice to go out and enjoy if I didn’t have to work 11 hours tomorrow and no one to hang out with out here in the middle of nowhere.  So I’m sipping a redbull and watching The Social Network.  Yesterday I meant to game, then write, then sleep.  Instead I wrote, then wrote, then wrote some more and then slept reluctantly.

Frosty-A-Go-Go is now 10,000 words plus. The novel’s going excellent but I hope I’m doing the conversation parts correctly.  I have to think like my characters would speak and make the conversation seem like it’s not being forced.  And then there’s the actual action coming up. After the diner the story will hit like a fucking storm and then it’s over.  I hope I do it right.  Wish me luck, constant reader.

Or more likely, reader that got directed here via bumbling on the internet or the main page of 20sb.net.


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