Flash flood Hike.

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Experiences, Friends, On Geek
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Transcript of a true story I was asked to relate earlier today.

[4:59:50 PM] X: yooou shooould

[4:59:54 PM] X: tell me a story

[4:59:57 PM] X: about yourself
[5:00:42 PM] Geek: What kind of story??
[5:01:00 PM] X: something that you think illustrates your character
[5:01:20 PM] Geek: Doesn’t that constitute bragging? Bahahaha!
[5:01:32 PM] X: not in this case
[5:01:34 PM] X: I asked
[5:01:37 PM] X: go go go
[5:02:01 PM] Geek: Hmm…

[5:03:18 PM] Geek: Well there was this time I was hiking with B, my brother, and S.

[5:05:08 PM] Geek: So the three of us go out to the place called Hi Tor around here, even though a huge storm had just rolled through. It was still drizzling slightly the whole time up the mountain so we had focused on trying to keep warm and having fun. B was a little bitchy but I had my blood pumping so I was all “comeoncomeoncomeon let’s go!”

[5:08:08 PM] Geek: So we get to the top of the mountain and get to the part where the deer path leads down to the river that cuts through it to hike back down that way. We start going down, trying to keep as dry as possible, I gave B my shirt to wrap his camera in because he’s taking pictures as per usual. Everything else electronic we were dumb enough to bring I wrapped in my jacket and tucked it into my satchel. The water level is up but not exactly raging.

[5:09:55 PM] Geek: B wants to get home already so he’s on point. I’m behind him and S has the rear. We get to a small drop off about three feet or so down. it’s about four or five feet over to the nearest shale ledge (we’d been using the ledges to stay out of the actual river bed, again, dry as possible) B hands me his camera and drops down to get to the ledge.

[5:11:48 PM] Geek: A rock hits his foot, then another. He looks back expecting to be pissed off at one of us for chucking stuff at him. But that’s not the case. I look back and we’ve got stones and branches and all sorts of shit barelling down a flash flood from the storm that had just passed.

[5:13:48 PM] Geek: I immediately turn to set B’s camera on the ledge closest to me, but S is already shooting past me to grab B and pull him up. The water, which had been about a foot below us from our ledge, is rising quickly and starting to splash onto where we are standing. I told them the only thing that made sense. “Up.”

[5:17:02 PM] Geek: S got up first, I handed B his camera and he went up next. The wall we climbed was pure shale with the occasional root or deadfall in the way. The incline was around 30 – 45 degrees and we had no other way to go. We’d have fallen down going up or down the river. I made sure the others got up and then followed suit.

[5:21:08 PM] Geek: It was slow work getting up the wall, and keeping our footing. I made sure everyone broke into different directions so that people didn’t drop rocks on each others heads in the ascent. B broke far right to a rope that was left behind by other hikers ages ago doing God knows what. He ended up getting to it, gathering the rope and keeping it as a good luck charm. S went center and ended up catching onto deadfalls and such to get up. He slipped once and I thought for sure he was going to tumble, but he was second one up. I made it up third. got to the top just below a tree that was jutting out and pulled myself up vertically the last few feet.

[5:22:56 PM] Geek: We were fucking manic when we got to the top. S and I lit a couple of my “cowboy killers” as he so affectionately calls Marb reds. B took a group picture. It was one of the best days of that whole summer. We cheated death and worked as a team. I like being the first one into the situation and last one out. But it turns out the lot of us were more than capable of not getting killed by mother nature. =]


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