Not being unmotivated enough to not smoke.

Posted: January 2, 2012 in On Geek
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Alright, So I finished the last three smokes in my pack today due to the increase of symptoms.  My head’s all swollen up and I’m getting another ear infection.  When I cough it feels like my temples will release like safety latches and my forehead will explode outward, crumbling like plaster hit with a hammer.    I can feel it in my lungs like Ripley could feel the chest-buster moving behind her eyes in Alien 3.

I won’t be able to work out for a couple more days, so I think it’s just best if I lay down and work on some of my other goals.  Like my book and my NOT SMOKING. Not a lot else to say.  A stahms a brewin’ and we’re supposed to get 8 inches tonight.  My brother has to be at the airport at 5am, so hopefully they drive him up there safe.

Looks like my evening is going to consist of watching one of my favorite flicks yet again.  Pet Semetary.  If you haven’t seen it, check it out.


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