How do I love my friends?

Posted: December 24, 2011 in Experiences
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This is a bit of a three part celebration for me this holiday season.  Yes, I am alone.  I have no baby to call my own or visit on Christmas which is odd.  Haven’t been single so long in a while.  Can’t remember the last time I didn’t have someone to call on Christmas.  But in a way it’s still so beautiful.

Christmas Eve!  I’m sure I’ll be excited for the following morning, but I’m going to collapse into bed without that childish butterfly feeling.  I’m going to be well drained and hit the sack early.  I get to go to a Christmas eve service at Our Lady Of The Lakes.  My religion means so much to me, and on this most sacred of occasions I’m more than happy to attend an over-crowded mass full of Christers and regulars alike.  Maybe one day I’ll have someone to take to midnight mass with me.

Christmas Day!  It isn’t presents I’m excited about.  I asked for a few Stephen King Novels that I haven’t yet acquired but not much else.  I like being productive.  Little distractions are nice but I love the feeling of Family the most.  I like us all being so close and kind to each other.  I’ll settle down with one of my books and doze through the day helping my sister with this and that or entertaining my numerous younger brothers.  I pray one day I’ll build a family like that.

The Twenty Sixth and CP ’11!  I get up, work out, go to work, dress up and drive to Buffalo for a party.  This unique aspect may just be my favorite.  I don’t hate anyone anymore.  I have no one to fight and nothing to quarrel about.  I convinced members of my senior class counsel to come out when they initially replied with a simple “maybe”.  I’ve always loved those girls as my friends though we were never particularly close outside of school.  It’s not romantic, it’s just comfortable to know these are the people I graduated with.  We faced the world together and soon we’ll be out of this chaotic limbo and starting real lives with kids and families and houses and pets and jobs and responsibilities.  I love the very concept and I love the fact we’ll reunite under The Angel Faced Boy’s roof.

All three days are like the ghosts in a Christmas Carol.  Past, Present and Future.  May it be lovely in each regard.  Merry Christmas, Reader.



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