Quiet House

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Experiences, On Geek
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The Victorian is unnaturally silent.  My brothers and sister and parents spread to the four corners of the earth at least for a little while.  It’s nice to be able to think without hearing anything but the cars going by outside.  I slept in a little later due to a back ache, OD’d on Excedrin and then worked out when I got home instead.  Lightened the weights up again from 15lbs to 10lbs.  Stepped out of the shower into quiet.

But I don’t want this quiet all by itself.  I want to hear a voice humming or hear the breathing of another being.  We don’t have to be in each other’s business, I just like the company.  I’d like some company that’s not blood.  Blood synergizes with itself.  Families co-exist because they are on that same frequency.  I want to coexist with people that are like blood, but have their own wavelengths.  Particular vibrations that fill a room as they walk in, or echo silently through the house as they move from room to room like Ghosts.

I finished the first chapter of Frosty-A-Go-Go.  Hopefully I’ll get more done or edit the old stuff, but right now… right now I want to go for a drive, smoke a cigarette and plug into the music.


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