Yo dog, I heard you like motivation!

Posted: December 14, 2011 in On Geek, On the Blog
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So we wrote you a motivational blog, during the time yer supposed to motivate yourself with resolutions so you can motivate yourself to be motivated while everyone else is motivated!


Do I really need to have a resolution?  The workout’s getting there, I’ve gotten a series of final grades that look like specifically A’s and B’s and the others are going to fall in line soon enough.  Maybe I should resolve not to be such a slob. The car and the room are both in dire need of purging with acid.

I’ve yet to do my workout today, and it’s a “sculpt” day.  Maybe that’s why I’m feeling a little low.  I don’t really know though.  I think I’ll put up some books for sale on Amazon now that my courses are done, and hopefully I can get the 27th off of work to go on a short trip with my brother, Ben.  He’s a PFC in the Army, currently learning to be a combat photographer.  I joke around with him, saying I’d prefer to have a rifle in a combat zone rather than a camera but hey!  It’s his life man.

I hope I feel better after some intense sweating and a shower, and maybe if I quit smoking, I’d feel even better!  Damn you, Marlboro Man.



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