Views jumped 500 percent?

Posted: December 12, 2011 in On the Blog
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I go from one or two views a day to twenty five.  I suppose that has to do with a dirty secret coming out into the light.  I’m not proud of what I did, alright?  Though there is something very American about a confession summoning so many viewers like flies to shit.  If yer happy, that’s fine but the blog wasn’t written for you guys primarily.

I wrote this to motivate myself.  To say in writing what I don’t have the balls to vocalize.  It’s kind of helped too. I almost didn’t work out today, and then thought of the results I want to be able to post.  So I got it done.  I felt great, but that sank quickly after the realization that I am still in deep emotional turmoil and the fact that I had a three hour review course for introductory CJ material.  The blog helps keep me going.

I went to work, I aced a Literary Final, I designed a Minecraft Character Skin, I got a couple horror movies, I went to class again.  The shit keeps on rolling forward.  I still got to pay bills. I still have to Christmas shop. The slutty chicks are still gonna be progressively picked off throughout this film.  And I still fucked up.  Move on, outside observer.


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