Now what the hell?

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Social aspects, Women
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Someone please explain to me the logic of some women.  I was texting a friend and she was going on and on about some movie she was watching.  A documentary on kids that are given medication for bogus diagnoses like Bipolar and ADD.  I wasn’t really all that interested and was trying to freaking sleep.  She offers to shut up about it, and I said that’s okay.

Then she flips her lid!

Apparently, her offer to shut up about the movie was sarcastic and I was told to fuck off.  Why would you make an offer that’s really a trap??  I don’t have to do anything and she gets wound up because I’m legitimately not interested.  How is this logical?  It pretty much spells out stupidity in my opinion, but maybe I’m just “insensitive”.

P90 has really kicked my ass today.  So this entry is short and I’m going to try and catch twenty winks before American Horror Story.  That show is so freaking good.  Succubus agrees.




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