The Objectives!

Posted: December 5, 2011 in On Geek
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Okay, Like I said, this blog is to help me achieve an objective or two.  I have been a master procrastinator and a scatterbrain for the majority of my short life.  I am The Geek:  Jack of All Trades, Master of None.  So I guess it’s best if I start by laying out each of my current objectives as testimony.  Give me an Amen, Sistah.


1.  I will be a published author by the age of 22.

I’m Twenty years old now.  I am working on a non-fiction peace with my father over the upcoming holiday break.  I’ve also got one manuscript for a horror piece called “Scream” already completed, and am working on another fiction piece called “The Vineyard”.  I love to write.  And I want to share my work with everyone I can.  This goal shouldn’t be too hard, it’s just a matter of presenting the work and getting an agent.  With the non-fiction work, we might have someone to present it already who’s already published himself.  A classmate of my father’s named Brace Barber, author of “No Excuse Leadership” and a damn fine guy as far as I can tell from our brief correspondence.  Check out the link to his site below.

2.  Be able to bench 100 pounds.

I’m a freaking twig and I admit it.  I can scrape because I’m wiry and mobile, but I’m not quite happy with the way I look.  So, I’ve started the Power 90 exercise program which felt so good on my usually worthless body today that I did it twice!  I want to be able to defend myself when necessary and I want to feel good about how I look.

3.  Play 10 shows.

Notice how there isn’t a time deadline on this one either.  I’m on and off with my guitar but the last show I played was the freaking Springfest ’08 at High School.  Pray you never hear our Nirvana or White Stripes covers.  I want to work up a crowd of kids with good old fashioned rock’n’roll.

4.  Quit Smoking

This is self explanatory.  I’m down to one or two a day, and the max I was at was I think fifteen or so in a day.  It’s a disgusting habit and I would like full lung capacity back.  The work outs are helping with this one!

5. Get my Associates Degree in Criminal Justice.

Yeah, the thing is useless when there are no jobs in the field, but an associates looks much better than a handful of credits when you transfer to a four year school.  The major I am aiming for is International Studies.  I want to be a translator.  With these five already posted I’ll share the newest two objectives with you that should light a path for this Jack-of-all-Trades to actually get somewhere in life.


6.  Get my Bachelors in International Studies.

This is the next step up from #5.   I hope I can go out of state, but that’s yet to be determined.

7.  Fall in love, get Married.

Yeah.  Lame as a curling competition, right?  This one is pretty much passive.  After I conquer the known world I’ll work on it proactively.  For now, I guess I should just relax and enjoy the chaotic cesspool I’m wading through.

Well that’s the list, I have to keep listening to cake.



Brace Barber’s Site:


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